About Me


My name is Sparkle McDonald.

I am the creator/owner of KayNicole Brand.

In 2012 I had a vision of becoming an entrepreneur, creating a handbag and clothing line. A brand for all women no matter shape or size!!! Giving the fact that my vision didn't come to life until 2019, I wanted to be sure that I was mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for major responsibilities that lied ahead of me.

By the summer of 2019, several years passed with me working odd jobs made me realize that I was only helping build someone else's dream, and not my own which became my breaking point. By 2020, I brought my dream to life! KayNicole brand Is more than just about a brand, it's about style, being confident, and believing who you are. All women are unique and beautiful, in which KayNicole represents. I hope you enjoy!

"Any woman can be bold, confident, and unique. Just make sure you look good doing it!"

~KayNicole Brand